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Running a business is hard

When you own or run a business you face a unique set of challenges.  From creating sales. to managing employees to even having to “do it yourself,” it can be hard to even keep your head above water some days.  The last thing you want to worry about if your marketing.

What happens when you don’t get your marketing right?

Revenue Drops

People are unsure of who you are, and are less likely to buy from you.

Loss Of Authority

A business can lose its signifigance and when people don’t trust you, they don’t buy.

Confusing Message

People who can’t understand your message will never engage with your business.

Don’t let your marketing be something you get to someday.  Let’s take the headache of marketing off your plate so you can focus on running your business not having your business run you.

Three Keys To Great Marketing

Your current position in the market determines which areas need more attention than others. However, all three of these elements need to work in tandem to make sure that you are getting the results you desire.

If you have the best website in the world but no one sees it you won’t grow. On the other hand if you have a ton of visitors to your site but not one of them buys from you then the result is the same – no growth.


A great marketing plan starts with a solid strategy. Who are you going to target, what tools will you use to reach your customer, what desires and wants do your customers have. Without a solid strategy your marketing dollars will be wasted.



Once your strategy is set you need to determine what tools will allow your customers to see what you offer. Traffic is all about using the right tools to get eyeballs on your product or service.  Social Media is a great option this, but it is not the only way to generate traffic.



Now that people have seen what it is you offer we need them to actual convert into paying customers. All the traffic in the world is useless if it doesn’t convert in to actual paying customers.  There is where the StoryBrand framework shines.


a guide to partner with you

Having been a Certified StoryBrand Guide since September 2017, I am not just another consultant, but a guide who has been in the trenches working with businesses like yours for years.  I understand the unique needs of being a business owner and the challenges a small business owner faces.

Together, let’s determine your strategy, drive traffic, and convert that traffic into sales.

Nick and his team came through for us in a pinch. In addition to the professionalism and expertise they brought to the table, they went above and beyond to accommodate our schedule and deliver a polished, finished product within our timeline. We’re very happy with both the process and the end result. 

David Turner

Owner, Pillars

How It works


Evaluate your Needs

Each business is unique and so are your needs.  Through a FREE phone call I evaluate your specific needs.


Create A Plan

Once I know your unique needs I create a custom plan that gives you clear direction on how to move forward.


Execute your plan

Once you have your plan, I go the extra mile to coach you through how to implement it and create success.

Make your Business stand out

In an ever-changing culture I understand the unique challenges your business faces.

Real World Experience

Having the privilege of being a StoryBrand Guide since 2017 and worked with a variety of businesses I know that your business is unique.  On top of that, having run my own business since 2012 I understand the pull between growing your business and making sure you are not neglecting the important things in life!

Still not convinced?

Your investment

I know it can be hard allocating money for things like marketing and strategy, but the real question is
who are you NOT REACHING with an unclear and unfocused message.

Schedule A Call Today And I Will Provide A Custom Proposal For Your Small Business.

Most Popular Packages

Packages focus on all three elements of marketing, strategy, traffic, and conversion.  These packages are what most businesses need, but your business is unique so schedule a call today and together we will determine exactly what you need.

Looking for something else...I can work with you to create the perfect package for your business.


Maybe you’ve already created a BrandScript and just need someone to look over it with you.  Then a BrandScript Audit is what you need.

Designed for those who have already created a BrandScript but feel like you need an expert to take a look at.  Over a 45 minute video call we will review your BrandScript and I will provide feedback to adjust it.  Then a week later we will do a second 45 minute video call to look over the adjustments you’ve made, and I will once again provide feedback.  Cost is $299

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